The Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana

Oftentimes, hemp and marijuana are used interchangeably. This is inaccurate, as they are not the same thing. If you’ve used CBD products, you may have noticed that it tends to be made using hemp instead of marijuana. Let’s look at what hemp and mail order marijuana canada to truly understand the differences between the two.

Hemp vs. Marijuana


Hemp has been used to describe types of cannabis that contain very low amounts of THC – less than 0.3%. The general classification of hemp is any cannabis plant that is non-intoxicating and is harvested and used for industrial use.

Hemp can be used to make a variety of products and has been known by humanity for more than 10,000 years. You can make clothing, housing materials, rope, food, paper, and other products using hemp. In fact, hemp has been hailed as the starting point for many of humanity’s modern inventions.


Marijuana is a variety of cannabis that contains over 0.3% THC and causes users to experience a high feeling or a feeling of euphoria. This term, though, has had controversy attached to it due to its affiliation with how it was used during the Mexican Revolution.

The negative connotations that became associated with the plant led to anti-Mexican sentiment growing throughout the United States and heavier policing of cannabis. Marijuana was subsequently banned in the states for over 80 years.

Key Differences

Hemp and marijuana have may similar qualities and can often look the same. It’s not a good idea to confuse one for the other, though, so let’s go over the key differences between marijuana and hemp so that you can avoid trouble.


One of the main differences between marijuana and hemp is the difference in THC content. Hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC while marijuana plants contain higher concentrations of the cannabinoid. Marijuana and hemp can both have high amounts of CBD, which is the compound in cannabis that has been hailed for its medicinal properties.


The laws for marijuana and hemp vary, as both were considered illegal until quite recently. In 2018 hemp and hemp products were legalized throughout the United States containing less than 0.3% THC. Marijuana legality varies from state to state and is still considered illegal on a federal level.


Because marijuana and hemp are grown and harvest for two different purposes, they are cultivated in different conditions. Marijuana plants are cultivated selectively and carefully in controlled environments where they can promote the budding of female plants.

Hemp is grown strictly to maximize yield and size, so it is often grown outdoors. It does not require as much attention or controls as marijuana.

Now that you have more information on the difference between hemp and marijuana, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to the products you use. Hemp products do not contain significant amounts of THC, so you won’t feel euphoria or experience a high.

Marijuana plants and products made from the plant may contain higher amounts of THC, though CBD levels vary from plant to plant.